Where can I find ... ?

Contact your company representative and collect a membership form.

How do I join honeywell CICS... ?

All staff of Honeywell Group on company payroll

Why doesn't ... ?

On expiration of six months probationary period.

How much Loan can I collect ... ?

Twice the value of your savings only.

When can I apply for Loan and when can I recieve my cheque ... ?

Every loan form must be submitted to each unit representative latest by the third friday of every month.
The application will be considered for approval at the Executives meeting holding on third sunday of every month and cheque
will be issued on the first week of the following month

When is the payback period ... ?

Twelve months for Loan, six months for Asset Acquisition and three months for Essential Commodities

How much interest do i pay ... ?

10% per annum for Loan, 5% per annum for Asset Acquisition and 2.5% per annum for Essential Comodities.

Who can participate in the society's programmes ... ?

Any member of the society

How can i close my accout or withdraw my membership from the society ... ?

By giving notice in writing through the secretary to the executive.

How soon can i collect my money upon withdrawal of my membership or closure of my account ... ?

The cooperative bye-law stipulates a period of six months.
However, the society ensures that payment is done as soon as possible usually within a month.
The notice in writing must be presented to the executive at the next meeting to the time of receipt of such notice and effort
is made that payment is effected when application for loans for the month is processed and payed, that is, the frst week of
the next month.