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What Our Members Say About Us

I am a happy member of Honeywell Group CICS. I joined the Co-operative in 2012 with the motive of having access to ‘’The Essential Commodities’’.I now have a well-planned payment plan for lots of my annual domestic responsibilities, I get loanfacilities at good interest rate, access to some essential commodities at affordable prices with convenient repayment plans, access to electronics and other home appliances at standard company prices with convenient repayment plan

Ariyo Yusuf W
Ariyo Yusuf W, Unit Company: HFMP

CICS is committed to members’ satisfaction.Over the years I have enjoyed a wonderful service and my personal experience is superb

Oyeniyi Kolawole
Oyeniyi Kolawole, Unit Company: HFMP

The society has made it easier for me to acquirelandedproperty as financed by the CICS at affordable interest rate and convenient repayment plans

Tunde Bright
Tunde Bright, Unit Company : HFMP

HGCICS gives me the necessary financial support always. I am truly amazed at how quickly they respond to my loan request. They seem to be waiting there just to answer my questions

Femi Ogundele
Femi Ogundele, Unit Company : HFMP

As the representative of PIVOT, I am very happy to serve my members and have learnt how to relate more and better with people of different personalities.Long live Honeywell and long live the Honeywell Group CICS. Amen!!!

OluwatoyinAdebanjo (Mrs)
OluwatoyinAdebanjo (Mrs) , Unit Company: PIVOT

HGCICS is the vehicle of prosperity for great minds ………..

Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi , President