Our Services

Essential Commodities

We provide facilities and opportunities for members to buy essential commodities including grains, vegetables poultry produce and animal husbandry etc. at affordable prices.

Savings and loans

Members are encouraged to save monthly and grow their assets with the society. Upon application, members are granted loans subject to approved policy and procedures at low interest rates.

Home appliances

We finance acquisition of home appliances for members including fridge, television, generator, home thearter, etc at discounted company prices .

Land and real estates

We provide opportunities for members to own their dream homes through different schemes including land acquisition, housing financing etc. Government approvals, regulatory processes, landowners management, and relevant security are arranged for members where applicable.

Motor vehicle financing

This is designed to part-finance acquisition of vehicles by members.

Salary advance

We provide salary advance facility for members to meet urgent financial commitments against month end salary payment.